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If your vehicle is due to a blameless accident in repair and you need it, nevertheless, to come to work e. g., you still have the possibility to rent a vehicle. Please, note the following:

The costs of a replacement vehicle are borne by the opposing insurance only for the time of the repair duration stated in the experts report. If the repair takes longer than intended (no spare parts available, amendments necessary), you have to pay the replacement vehicle for the remaining time by yourself.

Furthermore, it should be paid attention to the fact that the replacement vehicle must be equivalent to yours, so that the costs will be refunded accordingly. So that it does not come to bad surprises, you should compare prizes between the car hires and contact the opposing insurance in this regard. If a private vehicle is made available as a replacement vehicle, incurring costs cannot be asserted in this regard.

If no rental car is needed, a loss of use compensation may come into question. If there´s no possibility to make your vehicle available in time (e. g. through temporary repairs) because of a total loss then you have the right for a loss of use compensation according to the stated replacement time.


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