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If your vehicle is damaged in a traffic accident through no fault of your own,
you are entitled to apply to an independent expert of your choice for the assessment of the damage. The insurance of the other party bears the
costs of the appraisal.

Excluded by this regulation are minor damages. If the amount of damage is less than 700 Euro, an expert wouldn`t be paid by the insurance. In this case an estimate will be accepted.

Please note: an expert provided by the opposing insurance must not be accepted by you and it is urgently to be advised against taking up this possibility. Also you are free in choosing a repair workshop you trust in.

Basically we recommend legal assistance to assert your interests. Unfortunately, very often it´s the case that insurances try to shirk their duties respectively play down damages to save costs. At the latest when this occurs, you should seek legal advice as civilians have virtually no opportunities to enforce their claim against the insurance. Do not worry: lawyer's fees will also be taken over by the opposing insurance.


What do we need for the preparation of your certificate?

  • Inspection of your vehicle in unchanged state
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Registration plate of the other party and if possible insurance
    data as well as contact data
  • Information to accident place, accident day and if possible
    contact data of your lawyer.


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