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After completion of the report, we pass on this either directly to the opposing assurance or to the concerning lawyer. So that the claims settlement can take its course effectively, the damage must be indicated before either by the other party or by yourselves with the responsible assurance. Without prior notification of claim, the appraisal will end up in the filling of a clerk, possibly, without further processing. No notification of claim, no payment!

How long the processing takes depends on the particular insurance
and from the case of damage itself. Experience shows that this can
take between 2-3 weeks.



Attention! Here are some rules in dealing with insurance companies:

Never ask the opposing insurance company for advice! As the wording already says: It´s an opponent of the claimant and an economic enterprise which pursues merely its self-interest that is saving cost.

Don´t respond to offers like: "the processing of claims can be done by us, without the assistance of an appraiser or attorney." Always hire a neutral respectively independent expert of your choice. To do this, you are entitled
to by law and it will prevent you to be ripped off.

Beware of so-called "complete claim service" offered by the insurance.
Here, too, you´re surrendering control to the insurance by whom and
to what extent your claims are regulated in the end.


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